About Tony Castaldi

From Stress and Scrambling to Understanding How to Be Consistently Profitable

I have always been in love with business, and owning my own business. From selling candy at school in 7th grade, to hiring our first employee, to selling one of our businesses – I love small business, what it has done for my life and the impact it has allowed me to make on the lives of others.  However, I have also experienced many struggles along the journey, probably many of the same struggles that brought you here.  I have struggled to make payroll, I have felt the frustration of having a growing business without growing profits, I have felt revenues drop without knowing why and have felt like I am always in scramble mode but not getting a lot actually done.  These struggles are different for small business owners, these struggles are personal (we often see them as a reflection of who we are), and we feel them at our core.

Fortunately, I have found a way to not only survive, but to prosper.  I have learned to see through the complexity, simplify situations, and execute a plan.  Over the years I have learned that regardless of the business, similar concepts apply.  I have spent countless hours reading, in coaching programs, and learning from mistakes.  Through it all, I have learned what it takes to make businesses successful and profitable.

If you are ready to make a change with your business, and therefor your life, click the button below.  We will have a Profit Consult Call where we will discuss your company, the challenges you are going through and some strategies that can help you out.  We can create the business you always wanted, and a business you will love. 

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